Saturday, October 2, 2010

Deploying a Single EXE for the Application

Many applications consist of an EXE file that depends on many DLL files. When we deploy the application, all the files must be deployed on the client machine. If you want to deploy just a single EXE file instead of all depended DLL files, there is a way to achieve this. All the dependent DLLs can be embedded into the EXE file and then whole application can be deployed with a single EXE file.

For this, first you need to identify all the dependent DLLs which are not shipped with .Net framework. Add all the identified DLLs into your project and for each DLL file you add, open the properties page and change the its “Build Action” to “Embedded Resource”. This will instruct compiler to embed the DLLs into your EXE file, and you can deploy this one EXE file.

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